Why do companies prefer to use SaaS?

Why do companies prefer to use SaaS
Why do companies prefer to use SaaS

A few years ago, you had to go through long and costly processes to have the software you need. You should either buy existing software with higher license fees and costs such as installation and training or wait for a team to develop the software you want. Both cases included a long process and a serious cost.

SaaS solutions

In recent years, many big companies do not prefer to perform digital transformation with their own developer teams. Instead, they prefer SaaS solutions for their software needs. The developing and diversifying SaaS market also reduces the developers’ needs of companies. The main focus of companies focusing on digital transformation is to optimize business processes and to do this as easily and quickly as possible. For this reason, SaaS is a prominent solution.

As the software world is developing rapidly, new job descriptions and titles are constantly emerging. It is very difficult for companies to manage teams they do not fully understand what they are doing. Would you like to take responsibility for an employee whose exact job description you do not say? This is the main reason for the trend towards SaaS solutions: investing in IT service, not an IT team.

SaaS is a method that enables companies to use the software developed by the service provider over the server.

To purchase existing software by paying the license fee is to receive a “software service”. “Software as a Service (SaaS)” is a method of constantly developing software running on a server that can be used by more than one company.

A company that buys “Software Service” must first get support for the installation of this software and install it on devices within the company. After completing the installation, the real problem arises in usage. Training, books, etc. to learn how to use the software. materials are required. When SaaS is purchased, all these processes are eliminated. Installation is easy and fast. Generally, the whole process is carried out from the panels whose user experience is reduced to the simplest. In this way, the software begins to be used quickly.

Another important difference in SaaS models at this stage is the continuous technical support. Old-fashioned software sales usually include technical support only during the installation processes. Other needs are subject to an additional fee. SaaS provides technical support to its customers at any time. The customer can create a support request on any issue he/she is having trouble with. This continuous support system creates a serious assurance for companies and has an impact on their preference for SaaS.

One of the most important features that make SaaS stand out is that they have a constantly evolving structure.

As with old software purchases, you will not only purchase a version but also subscribe directly to the software. In this way, every update can be used by any subscriber company. It is an important advantage for companies to use up-to-date software at the same price.

Of course, the most important reason is cost. Since SaaS is used by thousands of different companies on the same server, the costs are divided. In this way, large infrastructure, installation and update costs are not required. Many SaaS also sell tailored packages instead of a fixed package. In this way, companies can buy at the rate they will use. In addition, system security, backup, etc. responsibilities are also provided by SaaS. In this way, companies get rid of responsibilities and reduce security costs.

In summary; companies have different needs at different rates and do not want to buy huge software for them. They don’t want to take responsibility for the concepts they have trouble understanding. Finally, they want to bear lower costs. SaaS is preferred by companies as it is a model that responds to all these requests.

Here are some SaaS platforms can help your business:

Mailchimp for email marketing

Buffer for manage social media accounts

VisitorLAB for understanding users’ action on the website

Pipedrive for organizing your leads

Asana for task management

Zendesk for customer support

Trello for managing project

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