“Whats get measured, get managed”

Whats Get Measured, Gets Managed
Whats Get Measured, Gets Managed

said Peter Drucker and we couldn’t agree more with him.

I talked about how important it is for us to research and take advantage of the views of our potential users at different stages of our VisitorLAB journey, one of our efforts to collect feedback from people is surveys. I want to give some number from our recent survey.

As we continued our development process, we conducted a survey of 100 people. From the responses of our participants, we tried to measure how important VisitorLAB features are for our users. As you can see below, we’ve reached valuable information, as visitors directly associate the experience of your website with the quality of your product or service, visitors are open to feedback as long as they are asked, visitors want to see some updates on websites to improve their user experience. These results prove that the point we want to reach with VisitorLAB is the right point for both us and VisitorLAB users.

The first question was: Which sector do you work in?

%40 Other

%24 Software

%17 Marketing

%12 I don’t work

%7 Design

The second question was: Does the overall user experience of a website you visit for the first time make a positive or negative judgment about the product/service they offer you?

%96: Yes, if the website is not useful, I will absorb and doubt the product/service

%4: No, the product/service sold has nothing to do with the website

The third question was: If a website owner asked you your opinion about the website and your user experience, would you answer these questions?

%85: Yes, I’d talk about my experience.

%15: No, I wouldn’t take the time

The fourth question was: Do you think that the positive/negative experiences you experience during your visit on the website affect your sense of trust and loyalty for the brand?

%97: Yes usually affects

%3: No, it has nothing to do with it.

Do you think it is necessary to devote time and budget to enhance the user experience for a website? Or would it be enough to set an easy-to-use design once from the beginning?

%58: They must constantly invest in user experience
%31: They just need to update once in a while
%10: No need for a clean design enough

What do you think about those questions please share your ideas with us below this post.

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