What you can achieve on your WordPress web site with VisitorLAB?

VisitorLAB plugin for Wordpress

We are happy to announce that VisitorLAB plugin for WordPress is available now. You can follow these steps to see how you can integrate VisitorLAB into your WordPress.

After your integration, all features will be open to using for you. With a unique feature set, VisitorLAB gives you a way to understand user behavior behind the number.

Let’s create a heatmap for your WordPress website

VisitorLAB heatmaps provide you all the mouse movements and click data on your web site. So you can detect and analyze where is your visitors’ attention, which part they ignore. Who knows maybe according to all click on your heatmap you will figure it out your call to action button is in the wrong place, maybe this is the reason why your conversion is not high as much as you want.

VisitorLAB plugin for WordPress

Let’s watch how your visitor use your WordPress website

Our website is our baby… We love it, we know it because we create it. Even though you believe you make one of the best websites with the help of WordPress with the great user experience sometimes visitors get confused. Their whole experience could be very different compared to our minds. Visitor recordings will help you to see your WordPress website through your visitors’ eyes.

VisitorLAB plugin for WordPress

Did someone say error, let’s find it

Some small errors on your WordPress could have a huge negative impact on your visitors. Visitors can be harsh sometimes, hard but true. So you need to be sure their user experience is flawless. Even if you’re not sure, you should make sure you do your best. So when an error occurs, you should try to solve it as fast as you can. Our error tracking features detect errors in real-time and send you or your developer team as an alert.

VisitorLAB plugin for WordPress

Overall VisitrorLAB helps you with amazing  UX ideas based on totally visitors’ actions and gives the opportunity to you understand your visitor customer journey map better. We believe if you listen to your visitors they have tones of things want to tell you.

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