What we have done with VisitorLAB so far?

What We Have Done With VisitorLAB So Far?
What We Have Done With VisitorLAB So Far?


After taking the final decision by the team and saying that we are doing VisitorLAB, we continued our research and market review processes until November. During this period, we have been thinking about many topics such as which technology language we will use, how to construct database structure, how to solve servers, and as of November, the first codes have been started to be written.

The month of May was aimed at opening the beta version to the first test group. Up to the beta version, our first goal was to improve visitor records, heatmaps, and error tracking.

Everything went as planned and at the beginning of May, we prepared small gift packages for our friends, whom we knew from our previous projects and trusted in technology interest and knowledge, to try VisitorLAB and to give us their feedback with all their openness.
Thus, the first users of VisitorLAB started to form with real data. With the feedback we received every day and the advantage of working with real data, we continued to make some changes and improvements to the features we developed.

So, thanks to your feedback and our experience, how did we make additional improvements to our existing 3 features?

  1. After first feedback, we added browser, resolution and location information to console errors detection feature.
  2. We completely changed the Dashboard and made a development where you can see the locations of your visitors entering your website on the map.
            3. We have provided performance optimization on our servers.
            4. We have added more details to the report screens;
    • Most used browser information
    • Most preferred devices (desktop / mobile)
    • Single weekly usage rates

While continuing to develop, we added VisitorLAB to platforms that could provide us with testers such as technology blogs, Product Hunt, Startup Ranking, and aimed to capture organic traffic.
The fact that our esteemed Hilmi Miller talked about us at E Entrepreneurship was very effective in our test finding process.
Throughout the whole process, we informed our first users via mail and learned their ideas from each development and change of opinion we made. We said what you would like to do differently from logging on to the panel, from viewing records to password renewing to all other transactions, and we discussed every idea transmitted to us to see if it would improve VisitorLAB.

We continue to improve the features of our map and the ones that come from you every day😊

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