What is VisitorLAB and how can help your business?

what is visitorlab
what is visitorlab

What is VisitorLAB and How Can It Help To Your Business?

VisitorLAB is a web analytics software that helps you to understand your visitors’ user behaviors on your web site. It’s a smart tool to visualize how people act on your web site, which parts they like or they are not interested in.

As it is said at the VisitorLAB’s motto, See What Your Visitors See, we provide the opportunity to increase the interaction and conversion rates of web sites for the web site owners to provide the best customer experience, and to ensure customer satisfaction.

By visualizing actions of your visitors’ experiences on your website, you can understand which parts of your website you need to focus on, what attracts the visitors the most or what is ignored in your website. So that finally you have a way to understand which products perform better and make you earn more! You can also see which parts of the website work inefficiently by tracking errors and optimize them immediately. Who knows, maybe the problem of your blog is not the content but the fact that people cannot enter the blog!

VisitorLAB, whose the R&D phase has been conducting since August 2018, wrote its first line of coding in November 2018 and started the open beta testing process in May 2019, reached 146 unique users today.

We developed VisitorLAB for product managers, digital marketing teams, web developers, UX/UI designers, strategy and analysis teams.

The main goal of using VisitorLAB is to collect insights about visitors. How you can reach that meaningful data through VisitorLAB?

Visitor records to watch every action of your visitors

Heatmaps to see where your user clicks and their mouse movements

Error tracking to find bugs

Funnels to analyze visitors’ mind maps

Surveys to collect instant answers

Feedback tools to ask the visitors about their opinion while they are on the web site

Form analysis to figure out how visitors react to your forms

Thanks to all data you will collect via VisitorLAB, it will be so easy to determine your next move for your web site’s development.

You can try VisitorLAB for free. To create an account, click https://app.visitorlab.com/register

Best regards,

VisitorLAB Team

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