What is the difference between sessions and pageviews?

The Difference Between Sessions and Pageviews
The Difference Between Sessions and Pageviews

Thanks to the advantages of measurability, developing marketing strategies has become more and more sufficient. Today, it is quite possible to track the time the users whiled away on your website.

But there are to main factors lying under these detailed data: pageview and session. These two criteria help you to obtain detailed info about the visiting status of your website. Before we dig in a little, we need to meet the user first.

For the first time a user visiting your website, it gets a user ID. This allows you to track the transactions of the user on your website and recognize it when it visits your website again. Users’ browser keeps these ID and this allows the website to identify every visit from that browser as the same user. Thus, you can find out the revisiting frequency of your users.

What is Session?

Since the users got their IDs, you can get detailed information about them. The session can be considered as a group of interactions happening on your website for a specific length of time. Session starts at the moment the user opens your website, and all the pages that the user surfs in it are perceived as one session. Users can open more than one session in one day, as long as the present session ends.

How a session ends?

The ending of a session is basically related to the principal of time. If the user does not interact for 30 minutes in one session, the session is considered ended. After 30 minutes, if the website is still open any new interactions are considered as a new session. Besides that, at midnight all the present sessions end. For instance, when it’s midnight, a session with no interaction for 25 minutes ends as well.

Sessions show us the visiting status of the website by the users, as the session time shows the website’s skill of keeping the users on the website. The time that the user spends on the website can be revealed by the session time and the number of pageviews.

What is pageview?

The number of pageviews gives us the total number of pageviews on the website. Pageview counts all the pages that users visited on the website. Even if the user visits a page more than one time, every view is counted. Besides, you can use unique pageview in order to see only the number of pageviews, not repeated views. Uniq pageview counts every visited page one time.

Why are session and pageview important?

In order to take the right steps to enhance user experience understanding the users’ views and the time they spend is important. You can increase your visits, and your sales by making the necessary upgrades for your website thanks to these data revealing the interests and likes of the user.

For our website, analyses helping to reveal information such as the number of visits, number of the returning users, or the endurance time in the site helps you both SEO and UX gains. Thus, you can make your marketing strategies more productive.

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