Web Analytics 101: What is web analytics and where should I start?

What is web analytics and where should I start?
What is web analytics and where should I start?

You made a shiny website with all the cool design trick, all the quality content and more. Now all the web users will flock. I wish… If I being totally honest no one cares about your site. Sorry life is hard.

I am sure your service or product kills it. I am sure you are providing one of the best solutions to all your targets’ problems but unless you don’t understand your customers’ mind you will never reach them.

To remunerate your shiny web site you have to use web analytics tools.

Web analysis is the entire process of understanding, measuring, tracking and analyzing the behavior of visitors on a website.

The crucial reason making web analysis is empowering your web site performance based on data you collect your website users.

Step 1: Define your goal

The first thing you have to do is defining your goal. What is your expectation from your visitor when they come to your web site? Should they sign up for the free trial? should they fill the form on the homepage? What is the most important action for you? What does your website serve?

Step 2: Dig for web analytics tools

Once you determine the most action for you, start to use some tool to collect data both qualitative and quantitative. You can use Google Analytics for co collect very important numbers and you can use VisitorLAB to understand behavioral habits of your user. There are plenty of tools over there pick one and start.

Step 3: Don’t lose your mind with all the data

Especially you are new in the business all the data you will make your brain confuse. To understand all the metrics and follow them can be tricky but don’t panic. Take them to step by step.  As a start according to your goal chose one metric and start focus on it.

Let’s say you have an e-commerce web site and your goal is to increase your sales. You can start with the track your bounce rate. If your bounce rate is high probably somethings are going wrong. Maybe your ads don’t address the relevant page maybe your contents are nor powerfull as much as you want or maybe the design of your web site should change.

Step 4: Feed your curiosity

Don’t stop to ask questions. The more question you ask about your website, the more answers you will find out.

Who are my visitors? Where are they come from? Why they come from there? Which page did they leave? Which areas get more attraction from my visitor?

Overall to understand your visitors’ mind will help you to reach your web site goal and to understand your visitors’ mind the best way is using web analytics tools.

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