VisitorLAB vs Google Analytics

VisitorLAB vs Google Analytics
VisitorLAB vs Google Analytics

The main purpose of the web analytics software is to provide insight into how website users can better perform their performance and user experience by following user behavior, both behaviorally and numerically.

If the analysis tools are observed correctly, it is possible to make direct results-oriented optimizations from the users’ movements.

VisitorLAB allows you to visualize your users’ behavioral habits, user experiences, and capture insights behind numbers.

VisitorLAB vs Google Analytics

VisitorLAB and Google Analytics are not alternative software, but applications that address two different aspects of the analytic world that must be followed. Therefore, both tools should be used for a full analysis.

Google Analytics aims to provide you with the data of your site, your ads, or your visitors numerically and presents you in many different ways. Bounce rate, page load speed, which pages opened and so on. With Analytics, you can measure which pages your visitors are navigating, but not where they click on them.

For example, you can get Avg. Session Duration information via Google Analytics, and with VisitorLAB, you can monitor the visitor’s entire experience on your website during this session period form visitor recording, and detect clicks and mouse movements on the heatmap.

Even if we proceed from a different scenario; through Google Analytics or similar analytics tools, you can see how many referrals you’ve received from your ad campaign. VisitorLAB allows you to understand the behavior of users from the ad within your site. What did they do after coming to the site from the ad? Did they spend time on your site and take the necessary action? Maybe your ad is strong, but the experience on your site doesn’t meet your users’ expectations.

VisitorLAB focuses on what the user does behaviorally rather than on numbers, how he or she experiences, and how their responses to areas of interest. These visual data also help you optimize your website and increase your interaction by maximizing user experience.

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