The benefits of AI and machine learning into the e-commerce industry

The benefits of AI and machine learning into the e-commerce industry
The benefits of AI and machine learning into the e-commerce industry

The digital world, which overturned the store structure of the traditional retail sector, carried most of the shopping processes to the e-commerce sector. Of course, the change continues increasingly. The e-commerce industry continues to advance by incorporating new technologies.

The most popular topics of the last few years are artificial intelligence and machine learning. These new technologies have also started to change their e-commerce experience. Artificial intelligence provides great advantages especially for a better understanding of customers and establishing correct communication. Let’s briefly discuss how artificial intelligence has changed the e-commerce industry.


There are so many content and products that users would not want in the digital world. Users now want to encounter things specially designed for them. We talk about the importance of personalization for customer behavior everywhere. Customization from customer processes is also very important for e-commerce.

It is possible to analyze and interpret tens of thousands of traces left by users who visit your site and to develop strategies in this direction, by machine learning. Artificial intelligence can analyze and comment on customers’ behavior and manage their shopping processes accordingly. By combining past shopping experiences and current behaviors, you can create a personalized shopping experience. These customizations will provide significant improvements in customers’ loyalty and conversion rates.


You don’t know when and what your customers will ask. Customer service is an important part of the customer experience. Responding to the customer as quickly as possible, will make the shopping experience much better. You can give quick answers during shopping by adding bots to the chat sections within the site. You can also get rid of the problem of answering mails one by one by developing a bot for your mails.

Chatbots can also be a guide for your customers in their shopping processes. For them, they can compare products, indicate their pros and cons. It can also suggest other products they may like. In this way, you will have the opportunity to “personalize the shopping process” mentioned above.

Voice Assistants

We have now started to see smart assistants frequently at home. Now, users get support from artificial intelligence assistants in their homes in their daily activities. What is written on 2020 SEO trends is definitely talking about voice assistants. Having a site that can respond to voice commands will ensure that you do not miss this new technology.

As the use of assistants like Amazon Alexa increases, people’s search experiences will change. A classic search tool on your site may be inadequate in the future. Voice shopping assistants may gain more space in our lives in the near future. E-commerce sites can take the user experience to the top by developing digital shopping assistants that will help their customers reach what they are looking for.

Web Analytics and UX Improvements

You can follow the user activities on your site and determine your pros and cons. In this way, you can determine the points that you need to emphasize or change. With artificial intelligence, you can make these analyses regularly and make the necessary arrangements instantly. For example, product reviews and comments are very important for customers. However, not all comments are realistic or good. With artificial intelligence, you can distinguish between realistic comments and false comments, and keep real comments on top.

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