Marketing trends for 2020

Marketing Trends for 2020
Marketing Trends for 2020

2020 came with brand new targets. Leaving behind a year with lots of talks about marketing and its future, we will try to explain what awaits marketing in 2020 and what key concepts need to be focused.

Of course, it will not be wrong to say that 2020 will be a year that will address the people in the first place. The interactions between you and your customers and employees will give you a significant boost to your marketing success.

1- User Experience or Customer Experience

As we said above, communication with customers has become one of the most important elements. At a time when digital content is becoming enormous, users can learn about the products themselves. In other words, marketing activity will not be effective for sellers to praise and make their products work.

Customers say the quality of their experience in a buying activity has an impact on the buying decision. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that in 2020 a better user experience will lead to better marketing.

For customers, better design, ease of use, mobile compatibility, payment methods, and friendly service have taken a more important place. Therefore, it is important to develop an understanding that prioritizes UX when developing marketing strategies. To get the best insight about UX you can use some qualitative and quantitative analytics tools. Such as Google Analytics, VisitorLAB, etc.

2- Employee Engagement

We said that “human” is an important element of 2020. The other pillar of this concept is employees. Your employees will carry out the process to improve the quality of the customer experience. Employees’ commitment and faith in the brand will increase their work devotion.

Employees should first understand what you are doing, what your vision and mission are. This will increase his commitment to his work. The fact that the employee cares about the success of the company will increase the importance he attaches to his business. If 2020 will be the year of human interaction, the importance you should give to the happiness of your employees, who are the intermediaries of your brand’s interaction with customers, will be one of the important elements of this year.

3- Personalization – Data Orientation

The concept of personalization has been on the marketing agenda for several years. In 2020, where the interaction with the customer will be important, the importance of personalization seems to rise rapidly.

With digital ads, the number of ads that users were exposed to increased significantly. Thus, the sensitivity to advertising began to reduce. For this reason, the importance of using styles appropriate to the personal characteristics of the users in advertising has started to show a significant increase.

After a year in which we talk about the importance of data very much, we will continue to discuss the importance of data-driven personalized marketing.

4- Interactive Content

Content has been one of the most effective and cheapest marketing methods for years. Even though the slogan “Content is King” still does not fall from the languages, there are alternative ways to come to the forefront in the content world which is multiplying its enormous dimensions day by day. Interactive content makes the user a part of the experience, not just being a reader.

Interactive content is more interesting and directs the user to share the content. With Users – When we talk about the importance of interacting with customers, we can also demonstrate the impact of making them part of the experience.

5- Shoppable Post

Social media has become an integral part of every internet user. In recent years, it has been revealed that social media has a significant impact on shopping and the effect of social media pages of brands in promoting products. Users use social media channels as a tool to find different products. Of course, the convenience of accessing the products they find here will also have a significant impact on the purchasing decision.

Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest have released features to make the products in the posts available for purchase. In this way, brands now have the opportunity to make direct sales. We expect that interest in these features, which have had serious impacts in the past, will continue to increase. Shoppable posts are very new and open to development.

6- Position Zero

With Google’s new feature, being number one has come up with something more important than taking first place. Position Zero is a text snippet that appears at the top of the search results. This box contains a text that directly describes the search term and a link to the site from which it was retrieved.

Many users click on the first link that they think works in search results. A content in Position Zero can be the first and last result to be seen for many users. Especially if you are in a marketing tendency for search results, you must include position zero in your SEO strategy.

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