Improve Your Experience By Listening To Your Customers

Improve your experience by listening to your customers
Improve your experience by listening to your customers

With the integration of the Internet in all areas of our lives, many sectors have made the transition to the online world. While it was a luxury to have a company website before, it has become a must today. Having many options in front of the consumer has raised the criteria and pushed people to be more selective.

These days when the competitive environment is increasing day by day and the criteria are rising, you need to make a lot of effort to be able to leave your peers. At this point, you should consider the user experience in order to stand out. User experience (UX) is essential to ensure sustainable satisfaction and strives to ensure that people who utilize a service achieve the most efficiency with the least possible effort.

Being able to analyze the interaction of users on your site correctly takes you to your competitors. One of the main factors in the development of many companies that are Internet giants today is that they place more emphasis on user experience than their competitors. Your site may have many good aspects, but users may not see the good things that remain when they have several experiences that slow them down or leave them undecided. If you want your site to attract more attention and leave your customers satisfied from your page, you should see your site from the eyes of your customers, from inside to the interface. For this, you need to listen to them, collect data from them, and analyze them correctly. There are different tools available to examine your customers’ experiences on your site and to collect data from them.

1. Session Recording

The session recording tool is a system that records what your customers are doing through their browsers as they spend on your site. In addition to taking video recordings of mouse movements, transitions, and clicks made by users on your page, it also provides access to session information such as browser used by the visitor, location, device used. In this way, you will see the usage of your website by a real user. If you can analyze the records correctly, you can observe your customers’ errors and generate solutions.

2. Heat Map

Heat maps examine the mouse movements on your website and create a density map for you. According to this map, the regions that are warmer, that is, red, are regions with more intensive interaction. With the intensity of the mouse and click the movements of your visitors, you can observe which regions of your website attract more attention and which regions are in the background. You can rearrange your design by considering the images and links that you want to be featured on your page. After a while, you can start drawing a new map for your next steps by comparing whether you are achieving your target with the new data you have obtained and how well your strategy works.

3. Error Detection

Nobody likes to encounter errors in transactions done on the sites. This affects the user experience significantly. However, there are tools that list the errors on your site in detail and present them to you. In this way, you can make improvements by seeing what errors your customers encounter on your website. As the problem rate decreases, the availability of your site, the number, and the satisfaction of your customers will increase.

The most important point in developing user experience is to analyze the needs and expectations of the customer well. We have mentioned above three different tools for you to listen to your customers and see yourself through their eyes. These methods give you many advantages, but the most important step is to analyze the data you have obtained with the tools and make the right moves. User experience is an issue that needs to be considered in the first steps of your project and a lot of time, energy, and budget should be allocated. The more users leave your website satisfied, the more your interaction will increase.

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