How you can analyze your session replay videos in the most effective ways?

analyze your session replay videos in the most effective way
analyze your session replay videos in the most effective way

When it comes to understanding your visitor action on your website, session replay videos are one of the best outputs you can have. The beauty of session replay videos are not planned, session replay videos show you your visitors’ natural action on your site. Thus you can see their natural behaviors and ideas other than the user tests.

End of the day analyzing those videos is more important to just collect them. To reach the best result and make the right steps to provide a better user experience, all that matters. So far watching all those videos is one and the only solution however for the future VisitorLAB will save you from that trouble 😊

There are some tricks that help you to analyze your session videos;

Make the process standard as possible as

Session replay videos are not random videos on the internet for fun. While you are watching them you have to be organized. Our suggestion is to divide and give them your team. If you have lots of them it could be overwhelming for one person. To reach meaningful result every team member should note the data she/he finds. Make a group of all outcomes. After that compare all the data coming from a different member of the team, it gives you the best results

Consistency is a must

To the best result, the same member of the team should be responsible all the time. That person should follow regularly all the data. Consistency will provide you saving time. However, if you have thoughts about what is wrong, you will tend to see that on the session videos. That’s the reason the best scenario is having 2-3 people for it.

Set a specific goal

Having a focused business goal will help you to analyze session reply videos. To reach your goal you can get help from filters and tags also. For instance, you might want to look at the country based results of the referral links coming from your Facebook ads. Applying these 2 filters make your list even more focused.

Let us know if you have a specific way to analyze your session replay videos.

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