Digital marketing for e-commerce

Digital marketing for e-commerce

The e-commerce market is very challenging and has several competitive conditions. It is important to find the right marketing strategies to gain a place in this market, increase your brand awareness and keep your existing customers. In this article, we will try to put forward the digital marketing strategies that can be applied to e-commerce companies.

The digital marketing methods we will describe in this article will be related to two different focal points; Keep getting existing customers and win new customers.

1- Have a Modern Appearance

Brand promotion, advertising, and pr, as well as the first look of your current site, need to bring a modern position. Users don’t trust sloppy sites with outdated interfaces. At the same time, if the user has difficulty performing the transactions on your site, this may discourage him/her from purchasing. A user experience that makes it easy for your customers to find what they are looking for and a reassuring modern interface is the first consideration. So your first obligation to be sure you provide the best user experience to your visitor. To get true insights to use some tools such as Google Analytics, VisitorLAB.

2- Make Payment Process Easy

It is very important that your customers come across a process that they will not have difficulty when it comes to payment. A payment step of too long pages may prevent the customer from completing the payment phase. You can create your payment from a single page or basic steps. For example, a three-page payment process will be effective, including shipping information, billing, and order summary. If your payment step will consist of multiple pages, be sure to visualize the process. The customer should see how many steps he/she will complete the payment and if necessary return to the previous steps. Before the payment step is completed, show the order summary and give it the opportunity to check your mind.

3- Provide The Necessary Information From The Front

Provide all the information your customer will need for your order from the start. These may include valid payment methods, security elements, and shipping options and fees. If there are any payment methods you have contracted, show them on your home page or at the top of the payment page. This will ensure the customer’s confidence. Placing your shipping charges at the end of the payment process can create a negative impression for the customer. If these methods do not suit him, let him decide in the first place. Also, if your site has security measures, keep their badges on your home page or payment page.

4- Be Mobile Compatible

Almost everyone is now shopping from mobile devices. Google also announced its mobile-first policy and announced that it gives priority to mobile compatible sites. Be sure to design your site for mobile use. Difficulties in mobile can cause you to be unable to hold your customers.

5- Develop an SEO Strategy

One of the most important elements of digital marketing is search engine optimization. The vast majority of users shop using search engines. Getting a better position in search engine rankings allows you to earn more leads. Although SEO is one of the most classical digital marketing methods, it is one of the most effective ones. Creating an SEO-compliant website will allow search engine bots to better understand your site and lead to better results.

6- Content Marketing

Content is one of the cheapest and most effective marketing methods. Although you are a company focused on selling products, producing blog content to answer your customers’ questions gives you significant advantages. The majority of users who are looking for answers to their questions are also ready to buy the product. In this way, you have the possibility to turn a user you attract to your site to the customer. For example, a user who wishes to obtain information about a product also chooses to review the product directly on the site where the information is obtained. This can ensure that the user you capture with your blog content is your customer.

7- Allow Customer Reviews

The majority of users care about the comments of people who have already purchased a product before buying it. Allowing your customers to give feedback about your products on your site will also meet the expectations of new customers. In this way, your customers will make their purchase decisions more easily.

8- Use Social Media Marketing

Not to mention the importance of social media for internet users. Advertising through social media channels is cheaper and more effective than many other platforms. Platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest are often used for shopping. You can convert the ads you give on these platforms for sale.

Influencer marketing also affects users’ approach to products. Users tend to rely more on the products that Influencers you follow. Influencers with large audiences may charge high fees. Therefore you can prefer influencer from niche areas with smaller kits. These people, called Micro Influencer, can help you gain new customers by promoting lower prices or just free products.

9- Use Remarketing

It is important to remember your products to people who have previously visited your site. In this way, you can draw them back to your site. You can do remarketing by publishing your ads on different sites. In addition, users can review your products by e-mail can remind you again. Remarketing can also be used for your existing customers. You can get new sales by introducing new products by e-mail in accordance with your customer’s purchasing preferences.

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