Content Marketing strategies to consider in 2020

Content marketing strategies to consider in 2020
Content marketing strategies to consider in 2020

“Content is king!”

We use this phrase of Bill Gates very often. But kings also need to improve themselves and keep them updated. While passing the year 2020, we brought together the trends that stand out in content marketing and the points that you should not miss.

You can improve your content marketing with 4 items that we have adapted to the trends of 2020, the basic features required for a good content marketing.

1. Focus on Users’ Experience

In 2020, we will continue to use the word experience in almost every subject and area. It should not be forgotten that someone coming to your site from any search engine wants to reach what they are looking for as soon as possible. If the user does not like his/her experience, you can quickly lose him/her. You should optimize this experience to increase the audience your content reaches and to keep your visitors inside.

The concept of “content experience”, which we will hear frequently in the future, connects content marketing and UX. In this way, you can have the opportunity to both convey your articles to larger masses and to keep the masses you reach.

Of course, mobile compatibility is at the beginning of improving the experience. The vast majority of content is accessed from mobile devices. Make sure that your site has a mobile version and that it works well. Also, the opening speed of the site is very important. Nobody wants to wait for access to content anymore. It is very important that the users who open your site can view the content in the fastest way.

2. Produce Creative Content

We now have a lot of content in every area. You have to be creative to make your difference and stand out. The results you get in any content you are looking for today or in any digital service you get will be almost the same. It will be effective to work creatively to stand out among these brands.

Using visual material can increase the richness of your content. Visual data helps simplify complex ideas. It also increases the attraction. For example, infographics can make the data you want to explain more descriptive. Likewise, videos or GIFs will help.

Although not in every content, long and detailed articles will contribute to your site. Content that handles a subject in full detail both increases the value of the site in the eyes of users and provides benefits in terms of SEO. For this reason, it is useful to prepare content over 1500 words from time to time, although not in every content.

3. Build Trust

Following the data breaches scandals in the past two years, users are now more cautious about their data. Using data-based methods to personalize users’ experiences on your site is very important, but it is an essential rule to provide the necessary transparency and trust when using this data. This is important both for your users’ trust in you and for you to avoid problems with the law.

It is also very important to get permission and specify the source of any media item you use in the content. If you cannot build trust in your users, you cannot ensure their loyalty to your site and content. For this reason, it is necessary to stay away from all kinds of movements that will create insecurity.

4. Make Your SEO Smarter

The highlights of SEO in 2020 occupy the agendas of marketing blogs. New technologies have entered our lives and our SEO strategy needs to be harmonized with these technologies. However, there are also issues to focus on.

First of all, it is necessary to give up compulsory content for short, standard keywords. Instead of insisting on producing content for the keyword you focus on, it is really necessary to try to improve your content.

Just your ranking in your search results is no longer enough. It is also useful to focus on new methods. For example, being in position zero is one of the most effective methods of recent periods. For this, it is useful to produce content with more chat models. In addition, studies regarding the rankings in the visual results may have an effect.

While doing SEO work, it will not only provide you the success you want to work for in order to rank search results. The important thing is to provide the best experience to the user who reads your content. SEO is exactly how this works.


First of all, you need to determine how you developed your content strategy in 2019, what was successful, and what you failed. It is always an advantage to draw new road maps from past experiences. You can then develop a better strategy by adding innovations according to the trends we have described in the 4 items above.

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