Analyzing User Behavior

Analyzing User Behavior
Analyzing User Behavior
Analyzing User Behavior

Analysis of user behavior plays an important role in increasing user interaction of your website, retaining existing users, and gaining new customers. We should not forget that the idea of ​​the user may be in contrast to the web designer or site owner who designed the site, no matter how perfect the site is.

How to Obtain User Behavior Data?

There are a number of studies on the behavior and expectations of internet users. These studies show us that the majority of users have the same expectations when they visit websites. In addition, there are different tools that you can collect data to analyze your users’ behavior.

A heat map is one of these tools. It gathers data on a map for you by examining the mouse movements and clicks your visitors make on your site. By examining these maps, which show you the interaction intensity of your site with colors, you can see the most interesting regions of your site or the regions that are in the background, and develop your site in accordance with this data. There are different types of density maps that you can use. A scroll map is another kind of density map you can use. It presents to you by coloring where your visitors stand on the most of your page or where they slide. With this map, you can see how many users have scrolled to the end, how many users have left the site before half of your page.

Another tool that you can collect user behavior data is the session logging tool. This tool records the visits of users who visit your site for you. While watching these records, besides seeing your website through the eyes of a real user, you can also access the information of your visitors such as location and device they use. While examining the records, you can see if the users can reach what they are looking for in a short time or what errors they encounter on your page and give up their processes and leave your page. However, video analysis should be done very carefully since there is no direct information from the user and inferences from the videos. Another point you should pay attention to is the protection of personal data. It is important to declare explicitly that you can register with the privacy policy or user agreement against the possibility of encountering legal problems.

Mistakes that visitors encounter on their website can often cause them to leave the page. Some tools that we can observe user behavior form detailed lists of these errors. With the data in these lists, you can see which errors were encountered most on your website and how many users left your website without completing their operations due to errors.

Why Analysis of User Behavior is Important?

User behavior data is very important for startups to grow and increase the interactions of existing sites. Because the more accurately the user data is analyzed, the more user experience will develop. The development of the website will proceed in parallel with the development of the user experience.

In order for your website to appeal to the users in the best possible way, the design of your site should be directed towards your users. Visitors of your site will always want to reach the fastest and most practical solutions. Each visitor who has a solution to their problems and left satisfied with your site is the messenger of other visitors who will come.

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